Six on Six | July

What the frak is Six on Six?
A little while ago Scruffy-Little Nerf Herder started a monthly photo challenge to showcase geeky things around your house that correspond to that month’s color.

This is a great way to work on your photography skills and showcase your geekery at the same time.

July’s color is YELLOW. I was really excited for this, yellow is one of my secret favorite colors. Apparently it is so secret, that I don’t actually own a lot of it… Oops. But I managed to get a couple fun pictures anyway. Read More

Twelfth Day of Geekmas: Twelve Regenerating Timelords

Twelfth Day of Geekmas: Twelve Regenerating Timelords

Let me start this post by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating in this. I’m sure I could have done a couple things better, but I am so glad and thankful for anyone who chose to participate!

♪ On the Twelfth Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

Twelve Regenerating Timelords

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Karen Hallion and The Doctor meets Disney

When I discover something and enjoy it, I have a tendency to fall head over heels in love with it. Be that a TV show, a fandom, or in this case, an artist.

I first discovered Karen Hallion when I saw her shirts come across on TeeFury a few years ago. The first one I saw was Ariel and the Doctor, and it was love at first sight. I dove deep into what other things she drew. I stalked her Etsy page and after reading her bio, I knew that she would be one of those artists I’d want to follow for a long while.

Click the picture to buy this print at her etsy store!
Click the picture to buy this print at her Etsy store!

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Thursday and Thrilled: Fall is Coming


September is surprisingly one of the busiest months I’ve had in a long time. Coming up I have my Time-Lord 5k (I need to think of a shirt design for that soon), Salt Lake Comic Con, a Gamer 5k (where I’ll be sporting my Lakitu Costume), in addition to all of my amazing TV shows returning. It’s crazy and exhausting but by the end of it, it’ll be so much fun!

Despite all the busyness, I’m still pretty excited about a couple things!

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[Nerdcrafting] Carry On My Wayward Son…

[Nerdcrafting] Carry On My Wayward Son…

I have been in a mega crafting mood lately. So I decide to finally sit down and finish a project I had been wanting to finish for a while now. After spending last weekend with my mom and aunt going on a shop hop to different quilting stores I finally found the right fabrics for what I was needing. It seemed like fate. I was finally able to work on my purse, inspired by the Supernatural Impala. Read More