Funko Collection

*** This list contains affiliate links

I’m addicted to collecting Funkos.

Seriously, addicted.

I’m also a big lover of lists. To merge the two loves, I made a long list of all my Funkos!

Fandom Funko (with link) Exclusive?
DC Flash
DC Aquaman (Batman v Superman)
DC Wonder Woman (Batman v Superman)
Disney Ariel
Disney Jasmine (Hipster) Hot Topic Exclusive
Disney Belle (Peasant)
Disney Beast
Doctor Who Evolving Dalek
Doctor Who Doctor Who with Cyberman Head 2015 Summer Convention Exclusive
Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen (with Dragon)
Game of Thrones Mysa Targaryen (Blue Dress)
Game of Thrones Kahl Drogo
Game of Thrones Ygritte
Game of Thrones Samwell Tarly (Castle Black Training)
Game of Thrones Ghost
Game of Thrones Jon Snow (Castle Black Training)
Game of Thrones Arya
Game of Thrones Tyrion
Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth
Harry Potter Ron Weasley
Harry Potter Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hermione Granger
How To Train Your Dragon Toothless
Marvel Lady Sif
Marvel Black Widow With Cap’s Shield Game Stop Exclusive
Marvel Dancing Groot
Marvel Holiday Dancing Groot Hot Topic Exclusive
Marvel Agent Carter with Gold Orb Hot Topic Exclusive
Marvel Agent Carter
Marvel Black Widow
Marvel Rocket Racoon
Marvel Starlord (Masked)
Marvel Groot (Glowing Hand) LootCrate Exclusive
Marvel Captain America
Marvel Scarlet Witch
Star Wars Rey
Star Wars Han Solo
Star Wars Wicket
Star Wars Poe Dameron
Supernatural Christmas Sweater Castiel Hot Topic Exclusive
Supernatural Sam Winchester
Supernatural Dean Winchester
Supernatural Castiel (w/ Wings) Hot Topic Exclusive
Supernatural Crowley
Supernatural Charlie
TNMT Leonardo

What are some of your favorite Funkos you own?