Thursday and Thrilled: Fall is Coming


September is surprisingly one of the busiest months I’ve had in a long time. Coming up I have my Time-Lord 5k (I need to think of a shirt design for that soon), Salt Lake Comic Con, a Gamer 5k (where I’ll be sporting my Lakitu Costume), in addition to all of my amazing TV shows returning. It’s crazy and exhausting but by the end of it, it’ll be so much fun!

Despite all the busyness, I’m still pretty excited about a couple things!



After a recent talk about this show with some friends on Tumblr, I’ve been neck deep in a re-watch. I adore this show and all it’s silliness.

killjoys1 killjoys2
Have you guys watched this show yet? DO IT! It’s been a long time since I saw a sci-fi show that didn’t have the primary focus on a sort of fringe science. This show is literally just bounty hunters in space! SO GOOD!!



River Song’s Return to Doctor Who
No lie, ever since this new Doctor came about I have been wanting him to meet River. We know that River has a drawing of all of his faces, meaning she’s seen more than 1 of them. I’m pretty sure that Alex had to cancel her appearance at Salt Lake Comic Con to do this, so if that is the case (which it probably isn’t, but a girl can dream), I’m totally okay with missing my chance to meet her so she can be on DW again. Plus, I think that Capaldi and Kingston would just have a blast of a time riffing off one another.


With my recent rewatch of Psych, it also got me in the mood to listen to the Galavant Soundtrack. Have I talked about how much I love this soundtrack? It’s amazing. The voice work is amazing and the songs are amazing. My favorite? “Love is Strange”.



This recipe is really yummy! You can find it here

Pumpkin Everything
Fall has started! And with that comes EVERYTHING PUMPKIN! My favorite thing to do this time of year is to make pumpkin bread. With the weather getting colder it’s time to really break out my tea collection. I just ordered a handful of fandom samplers from Adagio Teas and I’m so excited to try them!



New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
I’ve adored this series for a long time. They recently just released their final episode of season 2 and I’m at a loss for words. I’m hoping a kickstarter starts again soon for this awesome series because I need it back in my life asap! If you haven’t heard of it before, NAoP&W is a modern web-series retelling of Peter Pan. Starring the adorable Kyle Walters as Peter Pan. It is such a well made and well acted series! You can click the video above to start watching from the beginning.

What are some things that you are thrilled about this week?

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