Funko Friday: Once Upon A Funko


Funko Friday was started by Pepi and Kimi as a way to showcase your Funko collection once a week. I’ve been slowly developing a large collection of these adorable figures so I was all in for this game!

The first topic is Once Upon a Funk, a story of your very first Funko purchase.

The first Pop I ever bought was Ariel. I remember very specifically standing in Barnes and Noble staring at all the cute figurines and trying to choose between Ariel and Superman. Ariel had a glittery tail, but superman had adorable curl on his forehead. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, glitter won out.

Funko Friday - Ariel

She is surprisingly the only Disney Funko I own. She currently resides on my Princess Diaries books. All of my other princess figurines reside on that same shelf with all my Meg Cabot books.

What was the first Funko you ever owned?

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Karen Hallion and The Doctor meets Disney

When I discover something and enjoy it, I have a tendency to fall head over heels in love with it. Be that a TV show, a fandom, or in this case, an artist.

I first discovered Karen Hallion when I saw her shirts come across on TeeFury a few years ago. The first one I saw was Ariel and the Doctor, and it was love at first sight. I dove deep into what other things she drew. I stalked her Etsy page and after reading her bio, I knew that she would be one of those artists I’d want to follow for a long while.

Click the picture to buy this print at her etsy store!
Click the picture to buy this print at her Etsy store!

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