I Found This On The Internets: We Can Write the Story on Our Own.

If you follow me on tumblr you may have already seen this, however sometimes I come across such awesome gifsets that a reblog on tumblr just isn’t enough. Sometimes they hit that spot in my heart because it is so beautiful and true that I want to cry.┬áThis gifset is one of them about how as women, we can write the story on our own.

Inspired by this photoset tumblr user fromthetreetop created a beautiful gifset featuring some truly amazing and kick ass female characters.

we can write a story on our own

“When we were children we listened to the stories our mothers told. We wished to be the princess, beautiful and loved by her people. We wanted to live in a tower, books, and talking animal friends. Hoping the prince would come, the hero who swoops in to save the day. But as time went on we came to learn, the prince can’t always be relied upon. You got left waiting in the tower while the prince ran off and had his fun. So we climb down, proud and strong, the heroes have left us to our own devices and we come to the realization, that a hero can be anyone. We don’t need the prince to slay the dragon, we’re just as capable as any man. We are the heroes of the adventure and we can write the story on our own.

(I think this may have come from here)

As a girl who grew up watching and loving princess movies, one of the main things my mom made sure to explain to me after watching them was why certain actions the princesses took were not the smartest ideas. I mean, basically giving up everything for the boy who was super cute on a boat isn’t the greatest of a role model. Now the princess movies have become a lot more female positive and less damsel in distress to which I am glad. But because of this as I get older I find myself drawn to movies/tv shows/books with fierce and flawed female stories. This gifset showcases some of the strongest female characters in movies/tv/books today.

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