5 Fandom Friday: My Comfort Films


This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is My Comfort Films. Usually when I’m in need of comfort I’m more likely to turn to a TV series than a movie. But, on the occasion that a movie is what I need these are the ones I choose.

Cats Don’t Dance

I dont’ know what it is about this movie. Maybe it’s the silly dancing kitties, maybe it’s the great voice work, maybe it’s the fact that Natalie Cole does the singing voice for Sawyer and I was raised in a house that blared her music at all times. Who knows, but this movie is my go to movie when I’m feeling down.

Laws of Attraction

Surprisingly, I am not the biggest fan of Pierce Brosnan. But I LOVE him in this movie. I love his and Julianne Moore’s chemistry. And I love the fact that the hopeless romantic in the couple is the male. The movie is a bit cliche and predictable but it’s entertaining. PLUS THE SCENERY!!! I would give anything to go to Ireland and this movie just proves how beautiful it is.

Pride and Prejudice (mini-series)

I realize this is a mini series and not a movie, but oh well. I can sum up my reason for loving this mini-series in one sentence. Colin Firth Pond Scene. *swoon*

13 Going On 30

This movie is where I discovered Mark Ruffalo. It has adorable Jen Garner, funny Judy Greer and hysterical Andy Serkis. THEY ALL DO THE THRILLER DANCE!! I love Jenna’s innocence in the show and the way her rekindling of their relationship with Matt develops and grows is heartwarming. Jenna’s line “Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!” was the first thing I said when I got my new ID after turning 21.

The Italian Job

I”m a sucker for a good heist movie. This was one of the first ones I ever saw and got sucked into. It was also one of the first movies that I saw Mark Wahlberg in. The Italian Job is one of my only comfort movies that isn’t a major chick flick.

Thank you again Megan and Kristin for starting this. What are some of your favorite comfort films?

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