Thursday and Thrilled: Overly Enthusiastic

Thursday and Thrilled: Overly Enthusiastic

Anyone ever tell you you’re overly enthusiastic? I openly admit it. I often refer to myself as someone who is overly enthusiastic about a lot of thing all at once. While some could see that as a bad thing, I choose to see it as a good thing.

When I see/read/watch/experience something I like, I tend to like to repeat it. Over. And over. and over again. This is a list of things I am “overly enthusiastic” about this week: (chances are, it’ll change next week) Read More

Thursday and Thrilled: A Dragon Whispering in my Ear


With my birthday on Saturday I’ve been consciously not buying anything for myself. Of course without the distraction of new TV shows and movies, I keep skipping over to Etsy or ModCloth and falling into the black-hole that has now become my wishlist! Alas, I will hold strong until all the festivities are over.

These are the things that I have discovered this weekend and now I want to own! Read More