Thursday and Thrilled: A Dragon Whispering in my Ear


With my birthday on Saturday I’ve been consciously not buying anything for myself. Of course without the distraction of new TV shows and movies, I keep skipping over to Etsy or ModCloth and falling into the black-hole that has now become my wishlist! Alas, I will hold strong until all the festivities are over.

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Thursday and Thrilled: The Fairest Stationary

Thursday and Thrilled: The Fairest Stationary

Welcome to Thursday and Thrilled!

I’m going to attempt to make this a regular post on this blog. This will be a breakdown of things I’m currently thrilled with. It could be the book(s) I’m currently or going to be reading, or movies or TV shows I’m binging. Basically a breakdown of whatever I’m excited about at the moment!!

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