I Resolve Here and Now [2018 Resolutions]

Do I realize that it’s February and I’m just barely posting what I resolve to do this year? Yes.
But better late than never.

I Resolve
Here and Now

While the song “I Resolve” from She Loves Me doesn’t EXACTLY pertain to my resolutions this year. Anytime I find a topic that I can use a broadway song for, I usually want to use it. For 2018, I did try to make some new resolutions and goals. Some are stretch goals, while others are a little bit more attainable.

For those that don’t know, the adoption of my son officially finalized! This took a huge amount of stress off my shoulders. Now, I just have the normal “mom” stress. Which I can handle… most of the time. Still, balancing mom life, work life, and life life is a thin wire that I’ve been wobbling on a lot lately.

With all that said, here are things that I Resolve to do this year.


Complete a full month straight of DDP Yoga.
— Easily the best, quickest and most intense yoga I’ve done. I loved when I was doing this pretty regularly last year, and I want to get back in that swing.
Improve and continue meditating
— Another thing I discovered last year was how much meditation helps me. My personal favorite is the guided meditation from Zen 4 Minds.
Work up to holding a Plank for 3 minutes
— Guys, I can barely hold a plank for a full 30 seconds. I want this to happen.
Be more consistent with Bullet Journaling
— BuJoing helps a lot with tracking how I’m doing on all my goals.


More time with family
— The husband and I are homebodies. We enjoy our things in our home. Buuuut, with the goober now a part of the picture, making an effort to spend more time with family is a good idea.
Declutter House
— With us being homebodies, our house….. Collects things. Things that we can (and should) get rid of.


Improve Makeup Collection
— While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current makeup I have, I’m in serious need of an upgrade. I already started this by buying some new (and of course nerdy) makeup brushes!

Improve Silhouette Skillz (yes… I did write that with a “z”)
— We have had a Sillhouette machine for a little time now, and dammit, I want to make some cute shit with it! So, if anyone has some good tutorials, please send them my way!
Return and Revamp the Blog
— I miss you guys. I miss sharing ideas and posts here and I miss WRITING! So, sometimes it may be a bit of a brain dump, but I have some ideas for some fun things to do on here. Like a nerdy-mom blog! I already started with a slightly different look and a new logo.

So there they are. They’re in writing. No going back. XD

I always try and do some stretch goals and some that are a little bit more attainable. With a little luck, I’ll be able to knock some of these off my list this year.

What are some of your goals for the year? How do you choose to pick them?

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