I Resolve Here and Now [2018 Resolutions]

Do I realize that it’s February and I’m just barely posting what I resolve to do this year? Yes.
But better late than never.

I Resolve
Here and Now

While the song “I Resolve” from She Loves Me doesn’t EXACTLY pertain to my resolutions this year. Anytime I find a topic that I can use a broadway song for, I usually want to use it. For 2018, I did try to make some new resolutions and goals. Some are stretch goals, while others are a little bit more attainable.
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Sunday Self-Love September

Sunday Self-Love
feel free to save this and use it should you choose to participate! 🙂

It’s the first post of Sunday Self-Love!

A few weeks ago, I sat in a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con with Tahmoh Penikett (if you thought I was done talking about SLCC after my last post, Nooooooooope!), who brought up his practices for remaining grounded. One of the things he brought up was his meditation practices. He spoke about how he works meditation into his daily routine regardless of what he’s doing that day and how it helps him keep his head and had helped him out of some dark places in his past. Read More