[Looking Forward to] Kingdom Hearts III

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a long time for the new Kingdom Hearts game to come out.

Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2005, and while there have been several games released since that time (Coded, 358/2, Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance and the ReMixes) they’ve almost all been released on portable devices instead of standing consoles. Everyone has been waiting for the next console game to be released. For TEN years we have been waiting and waiting thinking about how the next game was going to be.

The past few years have resulted in little to no news about the upcoming game. It’s been disappointing and a bit unfair to the fandom. However this year, has released more news than we’ve seen in a long time.

Here are a few things that I think they are doing right with the next Kingdom Hearts game:

  1. Adding new movies to the worlds we visit.
    • Since the games have been released Kingdom Hearts has been adding worlds from new movies to their games. While the Pirate of the Caribbean world was incredibly terrifying (in the graphics, I personally think they should stick to cartoons), the idea was nice. It’s recently been announced that in the KHIII we will get a world for Tangled and for Big Hero 6. Both of which could be very cool.
  2. Taking their time to make it great.
    • I mean, if they’ve taken this long to make it, I sure hope that it’s because they’re trying to make it awesome.
  3. Aging the characters.
    • Like Harry Potter, the fandom for Kingdom Hearts has grown up with the characters, so having the characters grow up with us, I feel shows that they are acknowledging how long this fandom has been waiting.
  4.  Making it playable on both PS4 and XBoxOne
    • Narrowing on the console that it can be played is just narrowing down the fans. Considering how long it’s been since the last game came out, having KHIII be a cross platform game will encourage those with a different console to still buy it.


With all the things they are doing there are some things they are doing oh so very wrong:

  1. Irregular Updates
    • Seriously, even just an update every couple months or so to say “Yep! This is still a thing. It’s still happening…” would be GREAT!
  2. Potentially Adding Star Wars/Marvel Characters
    • Yes, this is a rumor, but Unpopular Opinion Time: I can not express how much I DO NOT WANT this. Marvel and Star Wars in Disney Infinity? Totally, I can understand that. But I don’t think it makes sense for Kingdom Hearts. We already have Final Fantasy in it, we don’t really need more.
  3. The E3 Trailer
    • We were all hoping for more substance during E3. This trailer doesn’t really show us anything about the new game, it shows us the battle system (which isn’t much different than previous games) but leaves the story line of what is happening with Sora and friends at a complete loss.
  4. Promising Big Updates and Never Delivering
    • SERIOUSLY!!! With every convention (E3 then D23) they promise a BIG announcement, or even a trailer. E3 they delivered (barely) but D23 only brought the announcement of a new world but nothing else. New worlds are great, but I want to see something other than the battle system.

kh3-1 KH3-2

I think the fans deserve to be let in on the secret of this game, we’ve waited patiently for this series to come to an (hopefully) happy ending. But I want to see TWO specific things in the next Kingdom Hearts game.

  1. Kairi with a KeyBlade. We know she’s a Princess of Heart, but good gracious I just want to see her kick some ass finally. Aqua was a good start, but lets see some cool female heroes in Kingdom Hearts.
  2. Aqua, Terra, and Ventus reuniting in some way. I don’t care how. It could be a dream, but I just want to SEE IT! Birth By Sleep had the most impact on me emotionally, and so I want to see some sort of completion to that.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the new Kingdom Hearts game?

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