Thursday and Thrilled: Trips to Another Time.

This week’s Thursday and Thrilled is brought to you by Period Dramas. Around this time of year (shortly after my birthday and right before fall really sets in), I get into this kick of watching copious amounts of literature inspired period dramas (or in some cases, webseries based on those pieces of literature). I’m not sure why, but the way they talk, the way they act just puts me in the most agreeable mood.

They’re always so romantic and sweet. I just can’t get enough of cuddling up with my cat (the husband won’t watch them without ensuring that I hear his “funny” commentary) and a cup of peppermint tea. So here are a few of my favorite period dramas* (and inspired by period drama) items this week!

*expect a lot of Jane Austen. #sorrynotsorry


nas1 nas2
North and South
I watched this BBC miniseries for the first time last year (I believe) and fell in love! Margaret Hale is a super hero and isn’t talked about as a literary heroine as much as she should be. Similar to most of Jane Austen’s heroines, she stands up to the men of her life making her opinion known and showing them that their masculine way of thinking is not the only method. Sometimes you need to have a firm but gentle touch to get what you want.
Also, Richard Armitage is in this and he so just sooo pretty to look at in this movie. ESPECIALLY IN THE LAST SCENE.


northangerabbey1 northangerabbey2
Northanger Abbey
I’ve been slowly working my way through all the Jane Austen film adaptations and realized I had never seen this one. I enjoyed it a lot more than I was anticipating, I liked that Catherine found her escape in books and that Mr. Tilney doesn’t use this against her. In fact, he appreciated this about her. It was a sweet story with a mystery I was not anticipating.


Emma Approved
After finishing my rewatch of LBD a few months ago and with New Adventures of Peter and Wendy coming to a close and Classic Alice finishing their second book I was looking to watch something where I knew what to expect. Emma Approved was just that. While I wasn’t able to get into Frakenstein M.D. or March Family Letters, I fully believe that Pemberley Digital hit the nail on the head with Emma Approved and Lizzie Bennet Diaries.


I’ve mentioned a good handful of web series, films and other adaptations of period romances, and keeping along with that theme have you ever listened to the music of those videos? It is amazing.

What has thrilled you this week? Tell me something that has made your week!

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