[Be Kind, Rewind] Coyote Ugly

Have you ever had a movie that you remember adoring, then when you watch it again, you find yourself looking at the movie in a completely different light? Well I call this a “Be Kind; Rewind” kind of movie. I enjoy watching movies I haven’t watched in at least a year (usually more) and comparing what I remember of it, to what I thought about it immediately after watching.

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Coyote Ugly

Starring: Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, John Goodman and Maria Bello.
Rating: PG-13
Release Date: August 4th, 2000


Aspiring songwriter Violet Sanford, after getting a job at a women-run NYC bar that teases its male patrons, comes out of her shell. (from IMDB)

Thoughts Before

It’s been at LEAST 10 years since I last watched this movie. But I loved this movie, so much so that I’ve been avoiding doing this rewind on it for MONTHS. I think it’s finally time.

This movie was one of my favorite movies growing up. I know how that sounds and trust me I’ve asked my mom why she was okay with me watching this movie when I was in my early teens, but her answer makes sense. When I was younger the main thing I was focused on in this movie was the music and the dancing. I understood that there were romantic things going on, but I was more interested in the music (the fact that my mother took me on a road trip and let me and my two best friends listen to this soundtrack on repeat proves how much she loved me).
Even now, when I think about this movie, the main thing that comes to mind is the music. I could sing every song from this movie and then some. I couldn’t tell you what exactly happens in this movie and I even forgot a bit about some of the actors in it, but the music I remember everything.

Thoughts After

I was expecting to have a lot of different opinions after watching it. Surprisingly, I don’t really.

There is still a lot about this movie that I was surprised my mom was okay with me watching, granted I watched the “extended cut” of my Blu-Ray so it had a more in depth sex scene than I remember the original having (had the original had this scene it would have absolutely been rated R). Ultimately I still found myself more interested in all the music of this movie than anything else.

Violet seemed to walk the line between holding her ground and cowering in the corner. First she calls Lil out when she thinks that Lil isn’t the manager, but then turns tail to run when she first gets to the bar. She was a lot more wishy-washy than I had remembered, which only intensifies when Kevin enters the mix and she has to add maintaining a relationship to her long list of things she’s trying to accomplish and failing at.

I actually completely forgot that John Goodman was in it. Which is unfortunate because his relationship with Violet was so sweet and one of the highlights of movie in this most recent re-watch.
Onto the romance, Kevin and Violet see each other across a crowded room… then his friend lies to Violet about what he does. To give Kevin a little bit of credit, at least he owned up when she caught him in the lie, it would have been better had he not lied in the first place of course. Their romance is a bit strange to me. He meets her, follows her home, she comes back for her tape and he stalks her to her work and this is all supposed to be romantic? NO! I was swayed into loving him by his accent and love of comic books. Also by the way that he seemed to try and ground Violet as she became more popular at the bar and started trying to make something of herself. But their start of the relationship… not good.

A few other things I noticed:

  • These girls waste a LOT of alcohol. Not just pouring it into glasses, but when pouring it over themselves and other people.
  • TYRA!! I remembered that she was in it, but I forgot that her character quit the bar to go to law school.
  • It’s a bit cliche that when a small town girl moves to the big bad city that her apartment gets robbed and her only left over cash is stolen.


High. I kind of forgot that I love this movie.

Would You Watch It More Than Once A Year?

Absolutely! Especially now that I own it. *blush*

What are some movies you’ve watched recently?

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