I’m Back, Let’s Catch Up!

I’ve been staring at this blank entry space for an hour trying to figure out what kind of excuse I could use for falling away from my blog for the past few months. Then I realized. I don’t need one. Not that I’m not sorry for not checking in, I totally am! But I’m human. Sometimes things get in the way and we have to adjust our priorities and figure out a new way to do the same thing. I just wanted to take a second to play catch up!

I’m going to continue to make time and have fun with this blog. I have never wanted this blog to be one that I just write in because I have to. I love being able to come here and pour my heart out about my favorite nerdy things and know that I have a support system in my readers and friends to back me up.

So lets dust this thing off and give it a go!

Guys… I really miss Pushing Daisies sometimes.

So here is a quick catch up on what’s been going on in the life of Anna:

    • I did 5 classes of kickboxing and loved it. Like seriously, LOVED it. They totally kicked my ass, but it was a really great work out. However, as much as I loved it, I couldn’t afford a membership to the place so I’m going to have to just buy a punching bag of my own at some point and a stand. Not a bad idea anyway for days when I really need to release some energy and stress.
    • I’ve been rewatching Greek on the Freeform app. I kind of forgot how fun this show was. It’s a little silly, but seriously one of my guilty pleasures.
    • Beat the Fragmentary Passage of Birth By Sleep in the new Kingdom Hearts 2.8 game. It took me 4 hours and was literally 90% of the reason I bought the game. The passage was really awesome and kind of explained some things to have the rest of the games make sense (like why Sora hasn’t been to Cinderella or Snow White’s worlds), but it ultimately resulted in me getting more excited about (the ever postponed) Kingdom Hearts III.
    • In an effort to break from my comfort zone a little, I’ve been buying more fantasy books when they come over on my BookBub list. As a contemporary YA girl, adding a bit of Fantasy isn’t a bad thing.
    • ┬áSalt Lake Comic Con’s Fan Xperience is in two weeks!! No dressing up this time, but I am very excited to go. I convinced my mom to come with me on Friday as she’s never been and it’ll be fun to con with her!
    • Oh, also Jason Momoa will be coming to FanX and I have TWO pictures with him (one just me, and one with my friend). Not gonna lie, I’m very excited.
While most know him for Khal Drogo and Aquaman, he will forever be Ronon Dex from Stargate: Atlantis to me. <3
  • Music wise, my jam has been Kate Leth’s “AKA Hellcat” playlist on Spotify. Ever since someone from the Geek Girl Strong Challenge suggested it for workout music it’s been perfect! SO MANY GREAT “PUMP ME UP” SONGS!!!
  • There is one more thing on the horizon that I’m not QUITE ready to talk about yet in a public forum. But I promise when I am, I’ll share.

Now that you’ve caught up with me, let me catch up with you! What have you been up to? Any good books you’d recommend? Or TV shows? Let me know!

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