Thursday and Thrilled: Costumes and Craftiness

Thursday and Thrilled

It’s Thursday and Thrilled time, and boy am I thrilled for some stuff this week! I’ve been in a suuuuper crafty mood lately. Last weekend was my Trekkie Trek and brunch for my local chapter of Geek Girl Brunch. As I did not want to run in costume I came up with a few small things to honor the occasion:

Thursday and Thrilled: bows

A tank top that I carved the Starfleet Insignia into and made into a stamp.

And some hair clips a fellow officer and I glued together to give to the brunchettes and interested brunchettes. I am so proud of them and the fact that they were a huge hit! Now, I’m itching for my next craft project.


Well little did I know that my recent dive into Amazon’s sewing and pattern section would lead me to find two projects I’m considering at attempting.

For Salt Lake Comic-Con’s Fan Xperience, I did my first ever cosplay. While it was an insane amount of fun, I think this year I’m going to go for more comfort over character. Fast forward to yesterday when I came across this picture:

and thought, “I can make that…”. So I commenced going in search of this pattern, since it was no longer labeled “Cosplay Everyday”, I had to search for the equivalent and soon found it in Simplicity Pattern #1197. In addition to finding the super cute pattern to make this dress, I’ve also found the fabric I want to use to make it. After scouring the interwebs for some cute (but reasonably priced) fabric I’ve settled on three choices:

1. Marvel Kawaii
2. PokeBalls
3. Star Wars

All of them would be awesome choices for that dress. I’m leaning more toward the Marvel Kawaii (LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!!) but I also really love the other two.

Additionally, while combing through Amazon in search of nerdy things for me to make, I came across a pattern for DC Bombshells Wonder Woman


This one might be a little outside my skill level, but there is that crafting bug that is biting at me to try it anyway. How awesome of a costume would that be for Comic Con and/or Halloween!?!?!


The health challenge at my office just ended. For the past 8 weeks, I have been trying to exercise 5 times a week, eat daily fruits and veggies and drink daily total of water. All of that has led not only to me losing about 18 pounds, but also to me winning the health challenge! In my head I have tried not to focus too much on the number on the scale but more how I’m feeling on a day to day basis.

My goal wasn’t to lose a certain amount of weight, but to be able to wear a shirt that I have had for a while without feeling like a play-doh fun factory in it. I tried on this shirt recently and I nearly started crying.


This picture is from FanXpierence 2014, I’m wearing my Her Universe Cylon shirt in my picture with Aaron Douglas. Now, I don’t feel like I look terrible, but there is some definite defining belly rolls that I’m not too fond of.

IMG_20160705_183734 IMG_20160705_183759

These are pictures I took in the same shirt a few days ago. I still have some belly stuff I’d like to get taken care of, but my the shirt isn’t hella tight on my arms anymore and is even a little loose around the¬†waist. Ultimately, I feel WAY better wearing this shirt now.

Another thing that has been helping immensely has been the health challenge that Powerpuff Bloggers group on facebook just started. Its tracks your progress by giving you experience points each week!!! Check out Nyanla’s post about it, she’s the beauty and the brains behind the operation.

What are some things you’re thrilled about this week?

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