I Ship It…. SERIES!! Go watch it!

“Hi my name is Ella and I watch too many shows, and read too many books, and have too many feelings. Which is why I write nerd rock songs, because that makes it better. Wanna hear some?”
(FYI: this line basically solidified my love for this series)

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about the YouTube short film I Ship It by Yulin Kuang. This short film was one of the most fun things I watched last year, and I always wanted more. And while for the past few weeks I’ve been a bit absent from social media (and the internets in general), the other day I noticed this tweet from Yulin.

And my first reaction was: “What dis? A series? I NEED IT!”

I immediately jumped on over to CWseed and began the series. Like the film, I Ship It follows Ella, a girl who feels a bit stuck in her job and gets her heart broken. This inspires her to start a nerd band with her best friend and a few new friends (like you do) and compete in a battle of the bands. The only rule: No inter-band dating… which is obviously a recipe for disaster and a rule that must be broken almost immediately.

The story follows the creation of their band, their first open mic, their discovery and everything in between. The episodes are peppered with awesome music that reference all your favorite fandoms.

One of my favorite parts about this series is that it doesn’t just follow Ella (Helen Highfield) and Tim (Riley Neldam) in their friendship/relationship story arc. It also introduces characters Sasha (Yasmine Al-Bustami) and Denver (Jacqui Calloway). Showing these girls who join the band but have their own story line together. There are also awesome cameos from other web-series you may have seen (LBD, Emma Approved, Starkid and more).

I Ship It Music Video

The songs from this series are just as amazing as the ones from the short film. These songs are going to be stuck in your head FOR-EV-VER! They were written by some of the same people who wrote for the original short film, so they flow really well within the universe. The way all the songs talk about something real in a way that incorporates your favorite fandoms makes me smile!

You can watch the entire series on CW Seed here and you totally should!

Since the short film came first, there are a couple small references to the short film that I appreciated. That short film had a special place in my heart (a couple of the songs are still my ring tones!) so, knowing that this is written and directed by Yulin Kuang, pushed it from a “maybe watch” to “MUST WATCH”. In my opinion, everything she has made has been so amazing! For this series I expected no different, and boy did she deliver!

If you haven’t watched the original short film “I Ship It” you should. It has an great cast, great directiong and tops it off with some great songs!

Also, find my post about the original film here.

Any new web series or short films you’ve been watching?

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