Thursday and Thrilled: Back in the Habit!

Thursday and Thrilled

I’m slowly getting back in the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I find at the beginning of the week, I have a harder time getting motivation, but once Wednesday and Thursday hit, I usually do a lot better.

Here are some things I’m thrilled about this week!


I’m still discovering how I want to go about this blog. One of the first things I realized about this theme, is that I disliked the comment system within the theme. It didn’t allow for thread like comments, just a long list.  Disqus has been used on a lot of blogs that I follow and I have loved the way it works. Now, all the comments that have been previously given are now imported into Disqus so that everything looks more like a conversation instead of a list.


This morning Kristin @ Super Space Chick and Megan @ The Nerdy Girlie announced that they going to be hosting a Potter Month link up in July! I participated in a week long link up similar last year hosted by The Common Room, and I loved it. I love that they aren’t doing specific topics for specific days, just encouraging any who want to participate to write about Harry Potter any time (or all the time). I’m going to try and create some sort of schedule to make sure I’m doing one a week.


Getting back in the habit of running? Do so with a Ravenclaw-some medal!
Speaking of Harry Potter!!! Geek’d Out Events (are you tired of me talking about them yet? I hope not!) just opened up their sign up for the Potter Run for this year! Last year the house was Gryffindor, this year it’s Ravenclaw. The medal above is the medal they are offering this year. These runs are so well organized and so much fun, if you’re in the Salt Lake area, I highly suggest signing up! In addition to the Potter Run on August 20th, they are also hosting a Trekkie Trek on July 2nd (which me and my fellow GGB officers are turning into a GGB event)! Seriously, so many awesome themes!!

What are some things you’re thrilled about this week?

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