Sixth Day of Geekmas: Six Direwolves

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♪ On the Sixth Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

Six Direwolves


I had two reasons why I started watching this show. Sean Bean and Jason Momoa. I’m the kind of fan that tends to watch a show purely because one of my favorite actors is in it. Case and point: I watched the entire series of Eureka just because in 2 episodes Allison Scagliotti appears as Claudia from Warehouse 13. I had grown to love Sean Bean from LotR and Jason Momoa from Stargate: Atlantis. It was great to see them in something new.

I had never read the books, but had seen a lot of hype surrounding it. I knew going into this show to expect death, gore, nudity, and terrible language (thank you internet for preparing me for this). What I hadn’t expected was to cling so tightly to certain characters and then watch them die in the most horrible ways possible. In ways that there is no coming back. Ever. Unlike most of my shows when someone dies there is always that chance, however small, that they could come back. In Game of Thrones, when someone I love dies my heart breaks but there is no question in my mind that… “he dead”.


The husband and I started watching this show a little over a year ago when my husband was housebound with an injury for a few months. It was a show we had been meaning to watch, but neither of us had made the initiative to start it. Once we started, it was difficult to stop. The husband frequently told me he was tempted to watch an episode while I was at work. We bonded over yelling at dumb characters and him telling me when to open my eyes after a particularly gruesome fight (Mountain vs Oberyn… ick).

While there is a lot of controversy surrounding this show, I find myself excited for every new episode. I’m deeply invested in every character and excited to see what comes of them. And true to the theme of today I find that my favorite character is actually Ghost, Jon Snow’s direwolf. Every time he shows up on screen, I squeal. I’m curious to see if any of the other wolves come back, and what role (if any) they play.

What has this fandom brought you?

Five Lightsabers
Four Crystal Gems
Three Charmed Sisters
Two Jumping Plumbers
and One Ring to Rule Them All!


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