Fifth Day of Geekmas: Five Lightsabers

♪ On the Fifth Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

Five Lightsabers


This is the perfect fandom to be talking about this month. With the new movie coming out, everyone is in a tizzy to get to see the movie. While decorating our tree last weekend, the husband and I had an original Star Wars movie marathon, complete with the Star Wars Holiday Special*, and every time I watch the movies I’m reminded why I love them so much.

I don’t really remember when I first watched Star Wars. I believe one of my uncles showed it to me when I was young, but I didn’t really sit down and watch them all until I was older. And didn’t really begin to love them, until I was in junior high and high school.

It was interesting for me to see a princess that not only stood up for what she believed in (similar to Belle) but also would fight for it. All I knew were Disney princesses and aside from Belle, none of them were really like that. But Leia was different, Leia knew how to hold a blaster, was strategic and had a strength in the force that was grossly underestimated at first. The more I watch her, the more (even as an adult) I admire the character. She frequently calls the men out on their shit and doesn’t shy away from knowing how to fix things. Despite being repeatedly called “princess” like it’s a bad thing, she owns it and uses it for as much gain as she can then goes on to prove that she’s not just a crown.


Star Wars is one of the first things that the Husband and I bonded over and continues to be a strong bond even now.

The truest test of our marriage(/sarcasm) came this year when the Husband decided that he was going to forgo watching ANY trailers and avoid as many spoilers as possible for the upcoming movie, in solidarity I also took this vow. Now I had already seen the teaser trailer, and since then I’ve only slipped on one thing and that was seeing Gwendoline Christie in her Captain Phasma dress (TOTALLY WORTH IT!).

Avoiding all things Star Wars has been difficult. It’s meant not seeing any movies since August, and making sure to distract myself during TV when I begin hearing the Star Wars music. I’m hoping it’s worth it to not watch the trailers. None of the action scenes will be spoiled, no dialogue, I know the actors but not exactly who they’re playing (save for the primary cast and Christie), the movie itself is kind of a mystery. Which is so very exciting!


This day of Geekmas specifically focuses on the Lightsabers, let me tell you about the lightsabers that The Husband and I have. A few years ago, we decided we were going to splurge and build our own custom lightsabers. Ultrasabers has been the best selection for building your own saber. Their sabers are battle ready and SO well crafted. The saber I chose was a Dark Liberator hilt with Sunriders Destiny blade (it’s a seafoam/mint green) where the Husband got the Scorpion hilt with an Artic Blue (light blue) blade. These were some of the best things I’ve ever bought, and when we argue, we break them out. Legitimate fights, rarely make it very long when you’re dueling with a lightsaber. You just end up laughing.

What has this fandom given to you?


*The Star Wars Holiday Special is a thing. It’s a terrible thing. If you’ve never seen it before, allow me to tell you the highlights. Chewbacca’s home planet. Singing Princess Leia. Singing Bea Arthur. Animated Boba Fett/Luke/Han thing for no apparent reason. If you decide to try and watch this, see if you can find commentary to go with it. The commentary almost makes it bearable. Click here if you want to watch it (sans commentary and animated Boba/Luke/Han story for separate reasons). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Four Crystal Gems
Three Charmed Sisters
Two Jumping Plumbers
and One Ring to Rule Them All!


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