Thursday and Thrilled: Fall Television Begins and a Con Approaches

This whole week has been a blur of pumpkin bread and laundry. I can’t seem to keep up with either of them. I love making pumpkin bread around this time, but it’s exhausting.

Here is what I’m thrilled about this week!


Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
Tuesday was the premiere of this show and it was GREAT! I am so excited to see what comes of this show and am loving seeing Neil back on my television. He’s such a great host and the games and skits are very well planned out and fun.

The Mindy Project
I am SO happy that this show has been picked up by Hulu! This show is really amazing and I love Mindy Kaling more and more with every episode. After last season’s finale I was devastated when they cancelled it. The most recent episode is on Hulu now and it was a great return of the show. With great guest stars!


The Martian
So the AdultBooklr group had this as one of the books in August, but I got so distracted that I didn’t have a lot of time to read it. So I bought it on Kindle then discovered that the WhisperSync was only an additional $3!! Can you say SCORE?!?! While the book can get a bit science-y, I’m am LOVING it. I’m about halfway through the audiobook and I only started it on Monday!


Time Lord Run 2015
On Saturday I have my THIRD 5k of the year. This one is Doctor Who themed and benefiting ACCO. It may sound a little bad, but I’m super proud of myself for doing all of these this year! My reward for completing all of them is to go to the Geek’d Out Events Balls that they are throwing toward the end of the year. A Yule Ball (Harry Potter themed) and a Time Lord Ball (Doctor Who themed). Also, maybe I’ll reward myself with a Funko Peggy Carter.


Salt Lake City Comic Con
Speaking of Peggy Carter! Next Thursday-Saturday is the 3rd Annual Salt Lake Comic Con. This will be my second time going (the first being the inaugural convention), and boy howdy is it going to be CHAOS. Salt Lake Comic Con has defied my expectations from the beginning. While the first few years absolutely had it’s fair share of skips, I’m hoping that it finds it’s footing more and more each year. This year will be especially chaotic because Salt Lake has managed to get a phenomenal guest lining. Headlining this con is none other than Chris Evans himself. Tagging along with Chris is most of the primary cast of Captain America: Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and HAYLEY ATWELL (!!!!!!). My first year going I met some amazing people, but didn’t get any photos. This year, is the year of the photo ops.

After the con (maybe a WHILE afterward so I can recoup), I’ll post my experience. For right now, I remain I’m cautiously optimistic!

Tell me something YOU’RE excited for this week

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