[YouTube] I Ship It Film

As you may notice I’m kind of addicted to YouTube. There is currently some amazing content that is coming from it and it’s creators. One of more recent(ish) things to come across my field of vision on the YouTubes is a short film that I have fallen head over heels in love with, “I Ship It“.


Created by Yulin Kuang (who also did Kissing in the Rain and A Tell Tale Vlog), I Ship It follows Zoe Smallman (Mary Kate Wiles) after a bad breakup with her boyfriend and bandmate Peter Hackett (Joey Richter). Feeling the pain of the breakup she teams together with her best friend Charlie (Sean Persaud) to take Peter down at a Wizard Rock Battle of the Bands.

I ship it 2

This short film is only 19 minutes and 43 seconds long, but tells a story that could be expounded on. With the opening credits Zoe gives a great compact backstory to why she’s so angry and heartbroken at the moment. In a mirroring story Charlie is handling his own break-up the only way he knows how. Selling all her stuff that he has stored in his “Ex-Box” (trademark pending). Heartbroken and set on revenge, Zoe sets off to compete in the Wizard Rock Battle of the Bands. In an attempt to show Peter that she is better off without him. She enlists Charlie to help her write a song that will blow everyone out of the water, while he enlists her help to sell his ex-girlfriends things.

The best part about this sort film is the awesome songs that will be stuck in your head FOR-EV-VER! Currently the songs are my ringtones on my phone. You can buy the songs here and you won’t regret it.

What are some other short films you’ve watched recently?