5 Fandom Friday : 5 Characters I Most Identify With


This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is Five Fictional Characters I Most Identify With. I had to take a step back and really think about this. I tend to get overly attached to characters very quickly, and end up seeing a lot of myself in a lot of characters.

5 fandom friday: heatherwells
Heather Wells | The Heather Wells Mysteries by Meg Cabot

The Character: Heather is one of the greatest characters I’ve ever read. She stands up for herself and doesn’t let 21 year olds walk all over her at her work. While she avoids the question about her popstar past, she isn’t ashamed of it. She frequently credits all of her bad mistakes to getting her to where she is now, and genuinely wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, she might choose not to work in a dorm where murders keep happening.

How I Identify with Them: While I may not have been a popstar in my youth, I do firmly believe that making mistakes brings you to where you are now, and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. I was a pretty big doormat in my youth but have recently found a way to stand up for what I believe.

Alice Rackham | Classic Alice

The Character: I could easily see myself being besties with Alice. She’s stubborn and steadfast but can be big enough to admit when she’s made a mistake. (as long as she’s been told a million times and then she researches it and realizes for HERSELF that it was a mistake) She stands by her friends through anything and DOMINATES everything she does.

How I Identify with Them: More than any school stuff, I find myself identifying with Alice’s loyalty to her friends. We all can get distracted sometimes but come back to people who make you feel the most like yourself. And when you find those people, you will do anything to keep them.

Piper Halliwell | Charmed

The Character: Piper was always my favorite Charmed one. She was the one who consistently saw the best in people, who stood by her sisters until the end and she was the one who always put the family first. In addition to all of her family love, Piper has always been the first character that remember fighting for love and fighting for a healthy relationship.

How I Identify with Them: Family is a big thing for me. My family is my world. I always try and find what’s best for them and work in that direction until it’s finished. Then I find the next thing that is best for them. Piper’s devotion to Leo (and visa versa) has always been one of my top relationships to aspire to. Even though it’s scripted they always felt real.

Claudia Donovan | Warehouse 13

The Character: Claudia has the sass.

How I Identify with Them: Of all of my characters that I identify with, her humor and sarcasm is the most like my own. Its the kind of humor that is sometimes used at the WORST moments. I can and have related to that.

Rory Gilmore | Gilmore Girls

The Character: Rory usually had to be pushed out of her comfort zone. She stepped out on her own but only enough to give her a thrill. She also had to know¬†that her mom had her back. When she made big mistakes it was hard for her to admit them, but after being poked and prodded about ramifications of the mistakes she’s made, she’d fold like a road map and break down. Rory is an incredibly real character to me, in the sense that I could have easily seen me stepping into her shoes for a lot of the things she accomplishes. She sets her mind to something and does it.

How I Identify with Them: Putting aside the whole raised by a single mother thing, I always identified with Rory because as she grew up in the show I was growing up. I was roughly the same age as she was, so I always saw a kindred spirit in her. Add the fact that she was one of the only characters I ever saw who “knew” exactly how I felt as an only child to a single mother. I bonded with her quickly and intensely.

Thank you again Megan and Kristin for starting this. Who are some characters that you most identify with?

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