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I just signed up for a 5k.
A Harry Potter Themed, charity benefiting 5k. As in you can run, walk or FLY in this 5k. There are going to be people running with brooms between their legs!!!

I haven’t run/walked a 5k in about 3 years. In an effort to try and convince myself that I can indeed get through this without passing out, I decided to make some nerdy workout shirts to give me some inspiration. After looking online and realizing that cute, nerdy tanks were a bit out of my price range I decided I would just take some of my husbands shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore, and repurpose them.

Harry Potter Nerd Work Out Shirt

To start I found a simple Lightning Bolt clip art that I printed and traced on some freezer paper.

After cutting out the bolt I ironed the freezer paper onto a black shirt.

I had tried this tactic once before with decent but slightly unsatisfactory results. What I learned with this edition is that NEW bleach is the key. It works MUCH better. Armed with a spray bottle of 70% bleach and 30% water, and after wrapping the shirt around a box so that the bleach wouldn’t seep through to the back I took my shirt outside.
I wanted the bleach to be spread out and kind of random. So while spraying the shirt I changed the spray stream from wide to focused.
After a minute or so, I could see the shirt changing color.

I waited about 10 more minutes and then peeled off the bolt to reveal the design.

In addition to the lighting bolt on the front, I also cut a stencil of a snitch and painted it on the back.
nerd work out shirt - snitch

Hopefully shirts like this will give me some motivation to actually step away from my Netflix queue and do something outside.

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