Veronica Mars, She’s a Marshmallow

“I’m sorry, is that mushy? Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow.”

In September of 2006, I was a recent high school graduate living at my grandparents and working at a job that I disliked immensely. My one shining light in my weeks (aside from seeing my boyfriend, now husband), was turning on Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights. You see, my mom had just moved to Texas and I was feeling a wee bit depressed, so watching Gilmore Girls was my way of coming back from that depression. It reminded me of spending time with my mom, and that would make me happy, even if only for an hour.

One night, after watching Gilmore Girls, I forgot to turn off my TV to watch something else (probably Smallville or Bones at the time) so the next show started playing without any protest from me. Here was a show that had a quippy blonde who talked back and made pop culture jokes all while trying to solve a mystery of the week. Add her brooding boyfriend, tech-savvy best girl friend and suave and sweet talking best guy friend to the mix and it pulled me in.

Veronica Mars was probably one of the first shows I started watching with no knowledge of what it was about or influence to watch it from anyone I knew. Any time I mentioned that I was going to watch it, most just looked at me quizzically for a moment before shrugging and returning to what they had previously been doing. No one I knew had ever even heard of this show.

After seeing just a few episodes, I ran to FYE and bought the first two seasons in an effort to catch up to the season I was watching. This is where my ability to finish a few seasons of a TV show in a few weeks comes in handy. Aside from work, I essentially locked myself in my room and binge watched Veronica Mars, quickly falling in love with the characters, the storylines, the guest stars, and the dialogue. Sadly, in May of 2007, Veronica Mars came to an end with one of the worst endings in a series I have ever seen. I was completely distraught.

Of course, this didn’t keep me from recommending it to all the rest of my friends. Bringing them into my Veronica Mars caused depression. It also didn’t keep me from rewatching the series every once in a while.

Fast forward to March of 2013, and I get an alert on my phone saying that Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars) is trying to make all Marshmallows dreams come true, but he needed our help. Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the cast of Veronica Mars have joined together to try to get funding to shoot the Veronica Mars movie. They only need $2 million dollars. I went into a Veronica Mars daze and when I awoke I had donated enough money to get a shirt, stickers, a digital copy of the movie when it’s released and a copy of the shooting script. It was the best $35 I have ever spent.

Every month (a lot of the time every week), I’ve been receiving updates on the movie, and with every update I get more and more excited. Mostly I’m just excited because the fans for this show are so amazing to come together and actually manage to fund an entire movie. Not just give them the $2 million they needed, but to go over that and end up donating $5,702,153. The cast, in return, has managed to continuously post things about the movie and how grateful they are for everything.

Tomorrow this movie comes out and hopefully will provide closure to all the questions I’ve been asking myself since the finale aired. Though I’m excited for the closure and to see all my favorite characters again, I think the thing I’m the most excited to see is how the Veronica Mars community came together to create and support this amazing series.

If you donated or are planning on/have already seen the movie? Let me know what you thought about it. What are you the most excited for? Are you Team Logan or Team Piz? I’ll probably be posting a review in a few days, so look forward to that.

“Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind!”