Reasons To Go See A Movie By Yourself.

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Often times when I tell someone, I’m going to go see a movie, it’s not an invitation. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to see movies with people. But I love going to see movies by myself just as much. When I go to see movies by myself, I don’t do it to make people feel bad for me. I go because I enjoy watching movies. I do it because I enjoy the atmosphere of seeing a movie in a theater. Mostly, I go because I want to see this movie so bad, it doesn’t matter if I’m alone. All that being said, here is what I discovered as benefits to going to see movies alone.

1: You always have a seat.

Lets face it. When you go see a movie and you choose your seat, you always put one empty seat between you and the person next to you. It’s not necessarily because you’re antisocial, it’s mostly because you don’t want to have to decide who gets the arm rest (or is that just me? I’m kind of arm rest hog). When you go by yourself, you’re almost guaranteed to find a lone seat in the very middle of the theater where you can see everything perfectly. I’ve gone to movies on opening weekends in a full theater and found seats dead center, it’s a glorious feeling.

2: Sometimes you get a whole row to yourself.

Then you have the opposite to the reason above. There are times you go and there so much choice you don’t know where to start. Do you sit up front so that your whole field of vision is obscured by movie, or do you sit all the way in the back so that you can see anyone and everyone who comes in late or plays on their phones during the movie. On these such occasions, I’ve even pushed the arm rests up (if they move) and laid down across three or four seats to watch the movie. It’s like being in a really big living room.

3: No worries about what other people are thinking.

I don’t know about you, but if I go see a movie with someone, I tend to comment on it or wonder what they think of certain parts. If I go by myself, I don’t have that problem. I get to be inside my head instead of wondering what’s going on in the other person’s head.

4: Quoting/Singing along.

If it’s a movie you’ve seen a couple of times, you can quote and sing along to your heart’s content, because no one around you knows you and so it’s a bit less embarrassing. A bit. Though I only recommend doing this if you are able to sit far enough away from the other people in the theater that they can’t hear you. Some people may not find it as entertaining as you might. I speak from experience.
If you’re holding back on seeing a movie because no one will go with you, I encourage you to go by yourself. The first time is a bit strange because you may feel like the theater employees are judging you for being there alone, but I promise you, they’re just thinking about how much longer the popper has before they have to dump it (once again, I speak from experience).