Are You Ready to #SaveAlice?

Reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Watching: The Office ` Season 6
Listening To: Tyler Hilton ` Indian Summer


As┬ámy first post of the new year, I’m going to talk about a web-series that has consumed my life. A few months ago I wrote about this new web-series I had discovered, Classic Alice.

Classic Alice is about a girl who receives a bad grade on an essay and decides to partner with her best friend to film a documentary. This documentary features Alice living her life according to classic literature in an effort to become a better writer. At first you think, there is no way this could possibly go any way but wrong. And you are correct. It can only go wrong, so terribly, adorably and horribly wrong. I fell in love with it and quickly clung to the characters as much as possible


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