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As my first post of the new year, I’m going to talk about a web-series that has consumed my life. A few months ago I wrote about this new web-series I had discovered, Classic Alice.

Classic Alice is about a girl who receives a bad grade on an essay and decides to partner with her best friend to film a documentary. This documentary features Alice living her life according to classic literature in an effort to become a better writer. At first you think, there is no way this could possibly go any way but wrong. And you are correct. It can only go wrong, so terribly, adorably and horribly wrong. I fell in love with it and quickly clung to the characters as much as possible


In season one, we see Alice read and live according to the classic novel, Crime and Punishment. Without spoiling too much of it, the story followed Alice in her journey to discover her own backbone and push herself and her writing. With the help of Andrew who knows exactly which buttons to push to get a reaction out of her.


The second season has been a whirlwind of amazingness. Major props to the writers for creating a story that so expertly wove in and out from one classic novel to the next. With the addition of some new cast members and some awesome guest stars, the series has really found it’s footing and started to run. The characters quickly turned from people that you watch into life stories that you were invested in and characters and people you could see yourself interacting with in school or at a coffee shop. You feel with them and support them and defend them to the very end.

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One of the things I have be impressed with the most is Classic Alice’s transmedia team. It has been one of the best transmedia experiences I’ve ever been a part of or seen. The characters interact with each other just great on twitter and in the videos, but their interaction with the fans is what I love the most. Not only do the characters have their own Twitters, Tumblrs, instagrams and even phone numbers you can call or text (yeah… I totally sent a text to Andrew), but the actors (like Elise Cantu, Tony Noto and Kate Hackett) also donated more of their time to do podcasts and Chris O’Brien donated his skills to draw some comics from his character. You can interact with other fans on their school website, as well as read the school newspaper. In all these places significant character developments happen. You see relationships and friendships grow as well as get to know characters that are talked about but never seen (there is a character that is never seen on camera but tweets only in emojis. It’s awesome!)

Now, if I have succeeded in convincing you to watch this amazing series, you can do so here). Also, be sure to check out the character twitters and other in world social media which can be found here to get the full and best experience with Classic Alice.

As of January 6th Classic Alice launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for its next season. If you enjoy the series and would like to do donate, please donate here. They have some really great perks. Including video chats with the cast and personalized recommendations from the characters (Alice- Books, Cara- Music, and Andrew- Film). Personally I’m hoping for the video chat with Chris O’Brien or a book rec from Alice.



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