[Be Kind, Rewind] The Prince and Me

Have you ever had a movie that you remember adoring, then when you watch it again, you find yourself looking at the movie in a completely different light? Well I call this a “Be Kind; Rewind” kind of movie. I enjoy watching movies I haven’t watched in at least a year (usually more) and comparing what I remember of it, to what I thought about it immediately after watching. This installment is about “The Prince and Me”

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The Prince and Me

Starring: Julia Stiles, Luke Malby and Ben Miller
Rating: PG
Release Date: April 4, 2004


At college Paige meets Eddie, a fellow student from Denmark, whom she first dislikes but later accepts, likes, and loves; he proves to be Crown Prince Edvard. Paige follows him to Copenhagen, and he follows her back to school with a plan. (from IMDB.com)

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