[Comics] Marvel’s Silk

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I was never really that into comics. I liked the idea of them and when my grandparents used to hand them out with their halloween candy I would always stash away a couple issues for myself to read later. Betty and Veronica I enjoyed, but the Batman ones were always entertaining to me too. Aside from that, I never really reached out for comics.

Once the Marvel Movies started leaking I found my interest in them to peak. I was curious about these characters I had been watching on the screen. I wanted to see how the character differed in the comic. However, trying to jump into Captain America or Iron Man was daunting. So in the past year (primarily the past few months) I’ve been searching for a series that is just starting or at least a more recent retelling of the stories.

All that being said, I’ve found some comics that I’ve become completely addicted to.


Variant by Skottie Young.

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