A New Beginning, Same Nerd

This is a new beginning for me (A New Beginning, Same Nerd… get it?), but I didn’t want to forget where I started, so I brought all my posts with me! It took me far too long to come up with this title. I was torn for a really long time between this title or some lyrics from Jekyll and Hyde (the musical). This fit the theme a bit more.

Raise a glass to new beginnings!

Though I imported all of my posts from WordPress.com, this is my first official post on my brand new shiny site. I’m a little scared about taking this new step in my blogging universe, but I’m equally excited.

I love Hope Floats, don't you?!?
I love Hope Floats, don’t you?!?

In January I talked about how I wanted to move to my own site, and after a couple months of researching and procrastinating (lets be real, it was mostly procrastinating), it’s finally here! It’s a bit minimal, but I love it just the same. Here you’ll find the same things you found on my previous blog, but with a newfound sense of purpose and a little bit more heart!

First up, a recap of the Comic Swap I did with my Geek Girls x Bloggers group!

I’m going to attempt to keep up with more of the weekly features I used to do (Thursday and Thrilled, Funko Friday and 5FF), while also trying to schedule some time to do some more monthly things. I will be returning to my Rewind articles again, I loved doing those. I also started a list of all the Funkos I own… not for any particular reason, I just wanted to.

But for now, I’m just making sure everything is in it’s proper spot and functions well. If you have any advice for a newbie in hosting, please send them my way! I’ll take all I can get.

What are some of the things you learned when switch to your very own hosted site?

Follow me onBloglovin
Follow me on Bloglovin

Oh, Hello! Welcome!

Reading: The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle
Watching: Eureka, Season 2.
Listening to: Frozen Soundtrack

If you followed me at my old blog , then thank you for following me here. I needed a bit of a change so here it is.

For those who are just meeting me, allow me to introduce myself with a few random facts. (:


First, my name is Anna Gailey. I’m 28 years old and residing in Utah with my husband and three cats (Aerith, Rikku and Wicket). My days, though primarily uneventful, are usually filled with reading, playing video games with my husband, or having TV or movie marathons for no other reason than to step out of my head for a little while.

I watch an extraordinary amount of television and have absolutely no shame in that fact. And find that when I watch a new show or even do marathons of my favorites, I take something different from them each time. Once I ran a TV review blog called The Weekly Enthusiast, it has since fell to ruin in my inability to maintain that blog and a new job that I received around the same time. So don’t be surprised if I bring some things from that old blog to this one. I’m the kind of person that wants everyone to enjoy the shows that I enjoy, if you ever need recommendations for shows, I’m your girl.

I’m also surprisingly crafty. Most of my crafts have a nerd or geek theme, but I am just so proud of them. I’m always looking for new craft ideas to try/steal. Most of the time my crafts tend to be ones that I have to sew since anything requiring actual tools kind of freaks me out. The idea of metal stamping has been intriguing me for a while so I think that my be my next big adventure in crafting.

I enjoy writing, and have participated in National Novel Writing Month for the past 4 years, and actually completed it twice. Primarily, I write romance and chick-lit because that’s what I like to read. I tend to stick to authors that I’ve read and loved for a long time and bring in new authors rarely. This is something I’m trying to work on.

Finally, I am an unapologetic gif harlot. I collect those things like they’re Pokemon, and tend to include a lot of them in posts. I’m a massive geek, nerdfighter, and beyond huge fangirl. There will be flailing on this blog, I just can’t control it.

Now about the blog, the title of this blog is Sing me a Story; Sing me a Rhyme. I don’t know how many people remember the short lived kids show called “Sing me a Story with Belle” but I adored it and the theme song has always played in the back of my mind.

This song seemed like a good theme for a new blog.

Allons-y! ♥