Sunday Self-Love: October!

The past month has been a bit insane. Hence why there isn’t more posts on this for a while. But I’m hoping to turn this around and get back in the swing! To start that a little, I’m going to be a little selfish and talk being proud of yourself. I realize the post before this was the same thing, but sometimes, you just need to be proud of yourself. This month, I’m pretty proud of myself for completing all the races I’ve signed up for this year!

feel free to save this and use it should you choose to participate! :)
feel free to save this and use it should you choose to participate! 🙂

All year last year, I posted about participating in Geek’d Out Events nerd themed 5ks. This year I did all of their live runs and am currently working on their last virtual run of the year. Last year I was pretty focused on getting my times better, and while this year my times were definitely on my mind, I was more excited to have friends there doing them with me that it kept me from being too focused on my times.

My friend and writing buddy Nicki did all the races with me this year. On the last race, we even managed to run a good portion of it and when I looked at my time, it was roughly where I was last year (about 45 minutes for a 5k, which is about a 15 minute mile). I’m so proud of Nicki and myself for doing all these races and even keeping our time up.

Recap of the races I did this year:

May the Fourth Be With You Race: The Runner Awakens

Another 5k completed!! #geeksforgood #geekgirlbrunch

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The Trekkie Trek

The Potter Run: Ravenclaw

The Hobbit Hustle

Currently I’m in the middle of the Winchester 67k virtual run, benefiting Graham’s Foundation. This virtual run takes place over the course of about two months, which is fun because then I can actually plan for how much I need to run each day/week. Sometimes it’s easier to shove in a mile one day or do a full 3 mile walk on a weekend.

Self Love Sunday October Medals from the Races
I can not explain you how amazing these medals are… seriously, so awesome.

These runs keep me motivated throughout the year. I always have fun and the races are so incredibly well organized. If you’re ever interested in trying these races (even if you don’t live in Utah, the majority of these races are also available as virtual ones), be sure to follow Geek’d Out Running Club on Facebook for all their nerd race announcements.

I can’t wait for next years races!

What is something you have done recently that you’re proud of?

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