DNF: TV Show Edition

I know a lot of book bloggers that have their DNF (did not finish) pile. I have that same kind of pile, but with television shows. There are some shows I get so excited for, but they end up being lack luster.

I tend to try and and give a show one full season before I call it quits, but there are some shows that I have to force myself to continue to watch every week. Other shows I try and try and try and can’t get through them (one of these kinds of shows I’m sure will end me in nerd purgatory).

Did Not Continue:

I gave this show 8 seasons. I found this show the year before I got married and binged it. While the show did grow in amazing ways, I still love the first 4 seasons the most. After that, still watched and even loved it… that was until season 6 when one of my favorite characters died and then ALL OF A SUDDEN Booth and Brennan were together with no explanation or visual representation. Just BAM! together.

Don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS wanted Booth and Brennan together, but I wanted to see it. I wanted to see them be awkward at the Jeffersonian, I wanted to see Booth take her out on a proper date only to have Brennan correct him on why the food at the restaurant wasn’t really “authentic” mexican food.

Did Not Finish: Calling it Quits

I wanted so hard to like this show. I love all the characters attached to it, but anytime I watch it all I can think is “This is basically Doctor Who with superheroes…” I’d like to believe that it’s not purely because Arthur Darvill is in it, but lets be real, it can be hard to separate Arthur from Rory… especially when he’s part of an organization called the “Time Masters” and is piloting a time traveling spaceship with companions.

I’ve tried to separate him from Rory, I’ve been able to do it in the past with other actors, it just takes a little time. However, this show hasn’t been giving any of its characters the kind of attention and story lines I wanted to see. It’s left me pretty disappointed after every episode.

This is another one I wanted to like a lot. But I think that Supernatural has put my expectations of Lucifer a little high. This show had some good potential, but ultimately I’m finding the way they are treating the main female character a little lacking. I enjoy seeing strong independent women on my television, and while I do think she could be a strong character, once they introduced that she did a National Lampoon-esque movie in her youth and continue to use that as a punchline to demoralize her, I’ve had a hard time pushing myself to keep watching.

Did Not Finish: Tried and Failed

Get your torches and pitchforks ready… I have tried watching Sherlock FIVE times. Tried and failed five times. A lot of my fandoms are Sherlock adjacent, so I usually know what is happening in the series. I just have no desire to actually watch it.

Maybe it’s the fact that the episodes are so long and so detailed. But I find myself dozing off or getting distracted each time I try. I feel like I should turn in my nerd card now…

What are some shows that haven’t quite grabbed you?

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