Eleventh Day of Geekmas: Eleven Supernatural Repossessions

♪ On the Eleventh Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

Eleven Supernatural Repossessions


The Supernatural Fandom terrified me in the beginning. The fandom itself was about 80% of the reason I didn’t get the show a chance until a few years ago. The other 20% was because it looked to scary (I really dislike scary movies, so I didn’t think I’d like a TV show). Then one day my friend told me that the first three seasons are the scariest and then after that it’s less “Monster of the week” and more “We just screwed up the world, let’s go fix it”. So I sat down and started watching.

I fell hard for this show in the beginning and once Castiel came into the picture, I was a goner. This is a show that tends to surprise me. Not only is it a show that I can pick out a ton of actors from my other favorite shows (Stargate, Battlestar, Eureka), but it’s a show that makes you think one way about the characters and then goes the opposite way of your thinking.

Supernatural has been a pretty big conversation point with my family. My mom started watching it last year, and my aunt, cousins and I frequently talked about it before that. It’s been a bonding show as more people start watching it.

This year my husband decided to start watching the show. It’s be difficult for me to keep my mouth shut about my favorite parts that are coming up, or favorite episodes. But the best part about him starting to watch is that I can now make references to the show and he understands them! For instance, we bought a new Christmas tree this year and I asked him if I could put my Castiel Funko Pop on top of the tree and he just laughed at me but agreed.

An angel on the top of our tree. #supernatural #castiel #gaileynerdytree

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What has this fandom brought to you?

Ten Sailor Scouts
Nine Pokeballs
Eight Replicating Cylons
Seven Magical Books
Six Direwolves
Five Lightsabers
Four Crystal Gems
Three Charmed Sisters
Two Jumping Plumbers
and One Ring to Rule Them All!


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I’m so excited for everyone to participate and I can’t wait to see what these fandoms have given you! If you’re participating in the link up, post the link to your post in the link below!

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