Eighth Day of Geekmas: Eight Replicating Cylons

♪ On the Eighth of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

Eight Replicating Cylons

I know that this one may be difficult for a lot of people. I don’t actually know that many people who watched (let alone enjoyed) Battlestar Galactica. For me this was a late love. My husband had started watching it years ago and kept talking about how amazing it was, I had only caught a couple bit of episodes and while I loved Sci-Fi shows, something about it rubbed me the wrong way at first. It wasn’t for at least a year or two after he had finished it that I decided to try watching it.

I think I watched the first episode at least 3 times before I began to grasp it. The show kind of throws you in and doesn’t really explain much in the beginning. And it continues to weave an incredibly intricate story of faith, mythos, acceptance, defiance, stubbornness and love. When I began watching this show it was long after the series had ended and I found myself staying up far too late because I wanted to keep watching the next episode.

What this show gave me was incredibly written female characters. And I do mean INCREDIBLE! The women on this show are very real. I’ve had a hard time finding a show that has women written this well. They’re written exactly the way I want them to be written. Kara is a badass who smoke cigars, is the best (in her HUMBLE opinion) viper pilot there is, and kicks serious cylon ass, and she never apologized for being who she was. But she is VERY flawed but never wanted any of the men around her to “fix” her. On the other side we have Laura Roslin, who is the president and incredibly smart, gentle and empathetic. But if you get on the bad side of Roslin, you best watch yourself cause she doesn’t hold back.

In addition to all of the amazingly well written female characters on this show, this fandom also gave me the best con story of all. Click here to read about when I met Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) at Salt Lake Comic Con in 2013.

What has this fandom brought you?

Seven Magical Books
Six Direwolves
Five Lightsabers
Four Crystal Gems
Three Charmed Sisters
Two Jumping Plumbers
and One Ring to Rule Them All!


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