5 Fandom Friday: Five Favorite Fathers


This week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is Five Favorite Fathers. As I thought about this there were a few that immediately jumped to my head, and others that I had to think about. And even one that I’m not sure if it counts…but I’m going to count it.

Leo Wyatt | Charmed

Honestly, he is the first name that popped into my head when I thought about fathers. Leo stood by his sons (whether they were good or bad) and tried his best provide what he could (as a dead person, he couldn’t really get a NORMAL job) for his family. Despite his and Piper’s difficulties he was a loyal husband and dedicated father.

sc1 sc2
Sandy Cohen | The O.C.

Sandy is a highly underrated TV father. Not only was he a pretty great father to Seth, he also became an excellent father to Ryan when he basically adopted him. Sandy was the kind of dad that stood up for you and had the law degree to back up his claim.

ld1 ld2
Luke Danes | Gilmore Girls

Though Luke both was and wasn’t a father, he was enough of a father to Rory that I’m counting it. Father’s don’t necessarily have to be blood. And Luke proves that. He genuinely cares for Rory and wants her to succeed. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have gone to her graduation. He wouldn’t have driven her to and from college. Then when he finally does get a daughter, it’s a nice change of pace. He gets to stretch his father muscles that we didn’t’ get to see when he was raising a surly teenager that was Jess.

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Keith Mars | Veronica Mars

There is not enough time or space for me to explain why Keith Mars is by far the best representation of a single father on TV. Not only do his and Veronica’s relationship depict (pretty accurately) the relationship between a single parent and their child, Keith shows unwavering support to whatever Veronica is doing. Even though he knows she shouldn’t be doing it. He knows his daughter well enough to tell her not to do something then give her advice on what to do when she decides to do it anyway. He may not always agree with Veronica’s decisions, but he respects the fact that she has to make them.

cm1 cm2
Cory Matthews | Girl Meets World

In the Boy Meets World spin-off we get to see derpy, goofy and socially awkward Cory be a dad. Granted this show has not been on very long and so there isn’t a strong basis for me adding him to my list, but in the show, even for as long as it’s been going, Cory shows that he can and is a being a great dad. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Honorable Mentions:

Chief Garland Wuornos | Haven
Henry Spencer | Psych
Seeley Booth | Bones
Fergus | Brave
Bobby Singer | Supernatural

Who are some of your favorite fathers?

See you again next Friday!

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