#DearMe: Breathe….

In honor of International Women’s Day, Youtube has asked a question that is simple in theory, but difficult in execution. What would you tell your teenage self? Well, teenage self… get ready… I’m about to lay out a truth bomb… sort of.

Dear Me:

Dear 6th Grade Anna,
You’re back in your old school. You always end up coming back to this school no matter how many times you move. You have good friends here, enjoy those friendships and allow them to flourish. If/When any of your friends make you choose, stick to your guns and follow your heart. Those friendships will last you a long time. Also, don’t make three way calls between your best friend, and the boy you like… that will come back to bite you in the ass.

Dear Middle School Anna,
I get it. You had to leave your friends and make new friends. You’ve done this before, you can get through this. I know you’re going through a lot both physically and emotionally, you’ve had to come to some realizations about family that you didn’t quite like. Just remember, to breathe. Breathe in and breathe out. Try your best to not fester on what is bothering you and let it out. Talk to someone, it doesn’t have to be your mom (though I strongly recommend it), it can be your aunt or uncle or even your best friend. Just talk to someone. Also, do your homework. You know the stuff, you’re just being lazy.

Dear High School Anna,
Whew! Finally in the home stretch of this adolescence thing. You’re finally back in school with your best friend and you’ve pulled your head out and started keeping on top of your homework. You’re going to quickly discover that your friends are not perfect. Do your best to not judge them for the choices they make and try your best to be there for them when they fall. This school thing can be annoying, enjoy your time with choir and even that weird teacher that calls you nicknames. While this shouldn’t be the best years of your life, they also shouldn’t outright suck. That boy that you like? He’s a keeper. Stop being so self conscious around him and let him get to know you. Realize that there are some friendships that come and go without reason, and that there are and will be friendships that you have to put an end to yourself. It will suck when those friendships end. But in the end, it will be for the better. Sometimes people need you more than you need them. Just remember to breathe and realize you don’t have to go through any of this alone.

Dear 19 Year Old Anna,
You just got married to your high school sweetheart. You have him, don’t push him away. Don’t pick fights just to see if he’ll stay. Realize that he chose you for a reason, he’s not leaving. Give yourself more credit, and realize that you are worth staying for. I know you’re feeling a bit abandoned without being able to see your mom as much as you’d like, but she’s doing what she has always done for the two of you, she’s doing the best she can (plus in a couple years she’ll take you to see your first ON BROADWAY play. So that should make up for a lot (; ). Breathe and realize that you are not in this alone, you have the WHOLE rest of your family here as well as a new family that you’ve just married into. I know you think they all hate you, but don’t. Some times it just takes some time for people to break through that shell. Again, breathe. Your probably reading too much into it and if you are not, don’t fret, your husband has your back and so does everyone else.

Lastly to all versions of myself. Embrace your nerd. At almost every stage in my life I’ve felt that if I was too nerdy that I would never have friends. STOP!
EMBRACE YOUR NERD! Do it loudly and do it proudly!

Anna via The Space Time Continuum.

Well… that was a bit more emotional than I was originally planning.

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What would you tell your teenage self?

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