Yes Please!

I have a handful of friends who have talked about a word that they have chosen to be their word of the year. A word that will inspire their year and how they could be living it. Mandy of The True Ultimate Fangirl Offically wrote about hers here, Alice from The Geeky Burrow wrote about hers here, and Liz of Nerd in the City wrote about hers here.

I decided that I would go about 2016 a little bit different. My word, is actually a phrase.

Yes Please - Amy Poehler


This phrase is inspired by the AMAZING book by Amy PoehlerΒ [Affiliate Link]. I own this book in hardback, digitally and in audiobook (which I HIGHLY recommend). It sits on the shelf of my desk reminding me to say “Yes Please”. On any other day I just look at and am reminded about how much I love the book. But the other day I was looking at it and thought to myself “Why don’t I say ‘Yes’ to more things?”

I am that person who has to be forced through a door that I didn’tΒ think was an option. I’m not exactly the most adventurous and so I’ve been stuck in my own grooves for a bit too long.

Now with this new found idea, I’m not saying I’ll be jumping out of airplanes or riding the The Cannibal, but I do want to try things I’ve never tried before. Saying “Yes Please” doesn’t mean I won’t ever be saying “No” this year. It just means that on things I normally would brush off, I’ll be actually thinking about why I’m saying no. Maybe the simple act of thinking why I’m saying no will help me say YES to more things. Of course all of this is within reason, but I’m hoping it’ll prove to be a pretty good year.

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  • Great word choice!!! Yes is one of those words ya gotta be careful with, but embracing life is never a bad thing. Take in all the good and leave the bad in 2015 where it belongs!!! πŸ˜‰

    • It’ll be an adjustment for me. My usual reaction to things is to say no, so taking a moment to assess WHY I’m saying no I think will expand my horizons a bit.

  • This is awesome!!!! I’m trying to figure out my word too. Its hard. lol I want like four words.

  • I love the concept and the idea, both to the “word of the year” and your spin on it.

    Might have to jump in on this little bandwagon myself, actually…

    Here’s hoping your “Yes please” phrase brings you lots of lovely and exciting experiences!

    • Thanks! I love this concept. I have post-its all over my home and office reminding me to say “Yes Please” to more things.

  • I love your “word” choice! πŸ˜‰ And thanks for the mention, love! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Thanks! I’m nervous about it, but I have hope that it’ll be an adventurous year.

  • Excellent choice! Wishing you all the best with it. And I agree, her book is great. πŸ™‚

    • It’s so fantastic! I love it. It’s a great companion book to BossyPants… which makes sense. πŸ˜‰

  • Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    I love this word choice – opening yourself up to more is great πŸ™‚

    • It’s a bit scary to think about about, but I think in the long run it’ll prove to be a good choice.

  • Great word choice!!! To say yes to more stuff is great always (you never know what you’ll discover next). My word is daring πŸ˜‰ So it’s somewhat close to yours. I haven’t read the book, so I am putting it onto my to-read wishlist πŸ™‚ Yay! Thanks!

    • I can not say enough amazing things about this book. It’s easily one of the most inspiring books I’ve read. Amy inspires me a lot, and her book is awesome!

  • I love this phrase! I actually haven’t read the book yet, but I really want to. Good luck saying “Yes please” to more things.

    • Thank you! I HIGHLY recommend this book. It’s so awesome. I really love the audio version of it because of all the guest stars who read with her. You just can’t go wrong with listening to Sir Patrick Stewart reading haikus about plastic surgery.

  • Liz Tailor

    Great post!! And great phrase for 2017!! Yes is one of those tricky words. Say it too much and people take advantage, say it too little and you miss out on some magical opportunities!! Love that you are working on having a YES year!! Another book suggestion… Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes.”
    Thanks for the tag, love!! πŸ˜‰