Introducing Sunday Self Love!

(The title “Self Love” sounds a lot dirtier than I mean for it to…)


Too frequently we get down on ourselves. We nit pick and poke at things about ourselves that only we see and tend to focus on the negative. To me, loving yourself is also one of the most difficult things to accomplish. It’s too easy for us to blind ourselves to what we’re good at or assume that it doesn’t matter that we’re good at that thing. These blinders, limit our capability to bloom in the areas we succeed. We don’t often get the chance to indulge in a little self love.

To combat this, on the third Sunday of every month (may turn into more often later), I’ll be posting about something that in the past month I have accomplished or improved about myself. This can be physically, intellectually, emotionally and even spiritually. This could even be something you did to treat yourself to something. Maybe a break down of an at home spa day, or even what you’ve done to let yourself decompress lately. Anything that allows you to show that it is perfectly okay to love yourself.

If you’d like to participate please do, feel free to post your link in my comments and use #SundaySelfLove on social media for me to share it!

feel free to save this and use it should you choose to participate! :)
feel free to save this and use it should you choose to participate! 🙂

Everyone deserves to feel good about their own accomplishments! And I personally would love to know what makes you feel good about yourself recently.

So go ahead, toot your own horn! 😉

(author note: literally every idea I had about showing self love sounded dirty. XD )

What is something you did recently that made you feel good about yourself?

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