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This past weekend I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for a time when I used to write a lot more stories. Each year for the past few years I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month, but haven’t completed it for a few years. The participating is what I enjoy about NaNo. I enjoy writing with a group of people who when I need a plot twist or a prompt I can simply ask the person next to me and they are more than willing to help. And most importantly I enjoy building a story from the ground up and seeing where the characters lead me (even if they refuse to listen to me sometimes).

I’ve been getting the story bug again (hopefully this means I’ll be participating in Flash Fic Wednesday again). I’ve set a goal to write a small 200-600 word short story twice a month, and I’ve even bought a book called “Complete The Story“.

Chuck Writing a story is hard

This is a short story that I wrote about 4 years ago and posted on one of my very old blogs.I realized I never cross posted it here and felt like sharing it again out of pure nostalgia. It’s actually one of my favorite things I’ve ever written.

Achievement Unlocked


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Level: 23
Job: Tavern Wench (Barista)
Skill Set: +6 Sarcasm, +5 Intelligence, +3 Charisma, -2 Timeliness.

Life is so much easier to judge in experience points.
Get a new job: +4 maturity.
Break up with boyfriend: -4 relationship, +6 depression.
Spend $60 on a statue of your favorite character from a sci-fi show: +8 nerdiness, -12 social acceptance.

People think I’m crazy for ranking my life as if I live in a video game. But it helps me keep track of where I am in my life. There are skills I know I need to level up and ones that I know are almost to their cap.

Keeping a running tally of how my life is currently rating makes me realize what exactly I need to be doing next in my life.

For example, I’m currently lacking a bit of experience in the social aspect of my skill set.
Which would explain why I’m volunteering at the art festival.
And by volunteering, I mean standing in the middle of the library amphitheater and handing out maps of what is going on where.

Did I mention that I made let an art student paint a Sailor Moon tiara on my forehead? People look at me like I’m crazy, but it gives me a bit of joy every time someone asks what it is and I explain that they need to watch this amazing show.

I’ve only been out here for two hours, and I already feel like I’ve gained at least four points in my social interaction skill set. I also feel this overwhelming urge to walk inside the library, jump on a computer and troll tumblr like the nerd I am. But I committed to a five hour shift at the festival and I will complete it (+3 integrity).

“Do you know where I can find the Comic Book Workshop?” I spin on a heel and face the voice.
A boy. Some would classify him based on first glance as a plain human with limited skills and not worth teaming up with to grind (levels, of course).
I, however, immediately notice the Choose Your Weapon t-shirt with various Dungeons and Dragons dice and recognize him as a kindred spirit.

“Great shirt!” I say before I can contain myself. The Plain Human smiles. Ding! Level gained in flirting. I feel the heat rise in my cheeks. Luckily, it’s warm outside, so hopefully he’ll think it’s just the sun. “Yeah, it’s in the literary arts section.”

The boy stares at me blankly. I blink back at him. Only then realizing that he is staring at my forehead.
My blush deepens.

“Sailor Jupiter was always my favorite. Though, I’ve always had a thing for brunettes.” He mentions before looking down at the maps in my hand. “Can I have one of those?”

No words. A boy that knows Sailor Moon? This doesn’t happen.
I hand him a map and just stare.
“Thanks.” He smiles and turns, making his way over to the Literary Arts section of the festival.

“Sailor Jupiter is my favorite too. You watch Sailor Moon? Your smile is adorable.” I mutter a dozen possible things I could have said as he walks away. I mentally kick myself for my lack of brain-to-mouth connectedness. I take a deep breath and face the library again. Admitting my defeat to the boss known as, Nerd Boy Adorable-ness. This boss seems to be one that I just can’t take down. “-8 Self Confidence.” I say to my reflection in the mirrored windows of the library.

“My name is Zach, by the way.” The cute boy returns, the map crumpled in his hand. I spin around so quickly, my glasses nearly slip off my face.
“Holy frak! I didn’t even see you!” Again, my mouth and brain stop communicating.
“The correct response is ‘Hi, Zach, you’re adorable. My name is…’” he holds out his hand to me. I raise an eyebrow at it and slip my palm into his. His thumb is calloused on the edges, a sure sign of a video game geek.
“Aggie. Though I never said you were adorable.”
“You said my smile was adorable.”
“Not the same thing.”

Our hands were still held in a cordial handshake. I stare down at my hand and laugh. “Can I have my hand back please?”
“Depends, want to grab a cup of coffee?”
Coffee + cute nerd boy = excellent idea.
“I guess.” I say, trying to hide my giddiness behind nonchalance. “But I still have three hours to go of volunteer work.”

He released my hand.
“Then I shall see you in a few hours. You know where to find me.” He winks and hands me back the map I gave him. On it is a circle. A circle on the very spot I was standing earlier. An arrow points to it with words written around it saying, “Find her again.”

Date with Cute Nerdy Boy. Achievement Unlocked

What is something you’ve enjoyed reading or writing lately?

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