Thursday & Thrilled: Let’s Catch Up!

Thursday and Thrilled

February has been a hard month for me. After getting some pretty emotional news at the beginning of the month it’s thrown me into a terrible funk. I’ve been working through this news and have finally started feeling more like myself. The funk is finally on it’s way out of my system and as such it is time to catch up with you!

I’ve missed you lovely readers!

Here are a few things that have been happening lately that I’m excited for:


Hamilton’s performance at the Grammy’s
If you haven’t jumped on the Hamilton train it is not too late! This past Monday, Hamilton won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album and once you listen to it you’ll know why. I wasn’t sure what to think of the album when I found out it was a hip-hop/rap musical about a founding father. BUT IT IS AMAZING!!!


I’ve decided to dive into the deep end of cosplaying and have been working hard on my costume for FaneXperience next month. I’ve decided to make my costume more Rey inspired and less corset-y. So I re-purposed a wrap dress I made years ago but never work and then designed the under cape and some mermaid inspired bracers made of craft foam. The sewing stuff is something I’m more familiar with, but the fact that I came up with the design myself fills me with pride. The craft foam stuff took me FOREVER to get right, but I’m pretty proud of them too. I just ordered my wig and a hip bag so that I don’t need to carry a purse. Overall the costume is coming together quite nicely!


I picked up my pull list the other day and realize how utterly behind I am in reading them. I have a couple issues of Hellcat, the New Silk, and a couple more that I NEED to read. My plan is to try an catch up in the next few weeks and then post some reviews on Comics Recap. Fingers crossed I don’t get sidelined!

Now that you know a little of what’s going on with me, I want to know what’s been happening with you? Let me know in the comments below!

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