Book Tag: Find Me!

Woot! Another Book Tag!

I really love a good book tag! All of these books are from my “To Read” pile which grew a lot more as I was looking for books that fit these descriptions.

// “gone” in the title // weapon // moon // girl in a white dress // couple kissing //
// sunset // headphones // water // flower // heart //

book tag - sybgweaponsmoonwhitedresscouplesunsetheadphoneswaterflowerheart

Major thank you to Christa Mae @ ObsessiveGirlFan for tagging me in this. It seems to have sparked my want for reading again. I’ve been in a slump both for reading and writing this helped spark my want for both! (also, I’m sorry for stealing your format… it was just SO PRETTY!)

I’m going to tag Angel @ Mermaid Vision Books, Nikki @ Room of Ones Own and anyone else who wants to do it. I don’t really have that many people to tag so if you do it please share with me!!!