Nerd Work Out Shirt

Reading: Super by Ernie Lindsey
Watching: Caprica ` Season One
Listening To: You Raise Me Up ` by John Barrowman

I just signed up for a 5k.
A Harry Potter Themed, charity benefiting 5k. As in you can run, walk or FLY in this 5k. There are going to be people running with brooms between their legs!!!

I haven’t run/walked a 5k in about 3 years. In an effort to try and convince myself that I can indeed get through this without passing out, I decided to make some nerdy workout shirts to give me some inspiration. After looking online and realizing that cute, nerdy tanks were a bit out of my price range I decided I would just take some of my husbands shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore, and repurpose them. Read More