Bullet Journaling: a Beginning

Has anyone ever tried bullet journaling? One of my friends wants to try it, and as I’ve been looking into it, it seems rather interesting. I decided to troll through Pinterest in an effort to find out more about it.

BOY! Did I discover a lot about Bullet Journaling!

Feel free to follow this board to see what ideas I come up with and/or find!

First thing I noticed is: it’s basically an art form. Like seriously, some of the things people put into these journals are works of art! With pretty ribbons, and crazy amounts of organization! I’m really impressed with some things that I’ve seen. A lot of the organization of everything reminds me of what I’ve seen of Passion Planners which my friend Christa over at ObsessiveGirlFan swears by! So here’s my question, if I combine the two, and make a Passion Planner part of my bullet journaling, do I level up in my organization skills?

My next step, after seeing a VERY general idea (*salutes* General Idea!) of how to accomplish bullet journaling was to FIND a journal. Here’s the thing, I’m a bit picky sometimes when it comes to what I carry around with me on a daily basis. My Supernatural Purse was something I poured my heart into, I always have my phone, my iPad and a book in my purse, so if I was going to add some more stuff to it, I needed to figure out what I wanted added in my bad.

Then… I found this.

Legend of Zelda Premium Journal, PERFECT FOR BULLET JOURNALING
IT’S PERFECT FOR A BULLET JOURNAL! (click picture for affiliate link on where to find it)

GUYS! LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS!!!! It’s so pretty and I want it!

With Bullet Journaling, it appears the best journals for it are ones that are unlined or just dots (most commonly in a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook). This Zelda one is unlined….. so that means I should get it right? Chances are for my first foray into bullet journaling, I’ll most likely go for a very standard Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, just until I know what I’m looking for.

Have you ever tried bullet journaling? What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

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  • I’ve heard so much about bullet journaling lately, but I still haven’t tried it. My handwriting is atrocious so I doubt mine would look very nice. I might still have to try it though. I do really like making lists!

    • Anna

      I’m going to have to try really hard not to compare my journal to any others that I see. Otherwise I’ll get super discouraged.

  • I’m always so fascinated by bullet journaling! I’m addicted to my physical planner and I just can’t see myself being able to keep up with something else but the amount of times I browse Amazon and think “maybeeee” is getting more frequent! That Zelda notebook is amazing!

    • Anna

      I always get planners and then stop using them after a couple months. My friend and I are thinking of maybe making it a monthly thing that we get together go over what we did last month and get some pages ready for the next month. So maybe having someone doing it with me will keep me motivated to keep using it.

  • I started bullet journaling in January and I love it! Mine is a super simple lined notebook with mostly just washi tape for decoration (I can’t draw to save my life). I love having my monthly overview, daily to-do lists, and random collections of information all in the same place.

    • Anna

      I make so many lists as it is, it might be nice to have them all organized and cute. Plus this would give me a great way to work on my handwriting, which has gotten progressively worse the longer I use a computer. XD

  • I have never heard of this, but now I’m interested! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’ll be honest I’ve heard of but know nothing about bullet journaling…and now I’m intrigued 🙂