Just Keep Running…

In 2015 I committed to running in four 5ks. While it was more difficult than I care to admit, I’m very glad I did. I ended the year with an 88 mile run (over the course of 2+ months), and felt like I was on top of the world. Of course then the holidays sank in and now I’m dreading my first race of the year.

I am not a runner. I am trying to be a runner (sort of), and Geek’d Out Events is one of the ways I’ve been doing so. They host nerd themed 5ks throughout the year all benefiting AMAZING causes.

In 2015 I participated in a Star Wars 5k benefiting Adoption Exchange, Harry Potter 5k benefiting The Children’s Justice Center, Doctor Who 5k benefiting American Childhood Cancer Association , a qualifying Video Game 5k, and then a Back to the Future 88-miler benefiting the Michael J. Fox foundation. I benefit greatly from living in the state where the 5ks are hosted. Those that don’t have that benefit, Geek’d Out still has your back. GOE does a great job of organizing virtual races for the 5ks, so that anyone who wants to participate can do so on their own time in their own town and still get the amazing medals.

All the medals from all the 5ks I’ve don’t this year. I’m exhausted! 😉

In 2016, GOE is planning on doing SIX 5ks through out the year, but keeping the themes pretty under wraps. One of the races will be Harry Potter themed (this year is RAVENCLAW), but the rest are a mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, GOE just announced that the first race of the year:


The race is a virtual run as a 22.1 miler (as in 221 B Baker Street), called Baker Street Bound. In addition to getting a killer medal out of it, it benefits an amazing cause, Badges Supporting Fallen Officers Families (Fallen). Additonally, GOE has also organized a mystery to solve while running. Reaching certain milestones gives you clues to a mystery, anyone that participates and helps solve the case is entered to win a Blu-Ray gift set of the seasons of Sherlock.

Honestly, GOE has exceeded all of my expectations with every race. GOE is very well organized and chooses awesome groups to benefit. With every race, they get better and better. If you’re looking for a fun way to work out (a bit) and also benefit great causes look no further.

Sound like something you want to follow? Tune into Geek’d Out Events on the interwebs:
Geek’d Out Events on Facebook
Geek’d Out Running Club on Facebook
Geek’d Out Runners Group on Facebook
Geek’d Out Events on Twitter

  • How do you run a virtual 5k? LIke is there an app? HOW DOES IT WORK. Geek Themed Runs might motivate me more hahahaha

    • GOE use a site called Make YES Happen (at least they are for the Sherlock run), you can track your miles with an app put them in the site and it tracks it that way, telling you where in the race you are. A lot of other people choose to just track their milage on the same day that the race is taking place in person and the post a screenshot of their milage and them with the medal to show their accomplishment.

  • Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    I’m actually planning to sign up for the Baker St run as it sounds like so much fun!

  • If I wasn’t so out of shape it was ridiculous, I would totally want to do this. <3

    • Oh trust me, I’m out of shape to. This was my way of getting back into shape. It’s been fun and it’s only a couple a year. 😉

      • I can barely walk 10 feet, I can’t imagine walking barely a mile! LOLZ! 😉 <3

  • This is so amazing! Are these all virtual runs? And if so, how does that work if you don’t mind sharing haha? I definitely want to run a 5K for sure, and virtual ones sound amazing and I am intimidated by running a real 5K with real people. Plus, lame as it may be, I am totally motivated by flipping fantastic fandom medals. 😀

    • As far as I’m aware of GOE offers all the runs they do as Virtual Runs as well. You pick a day (or days) to do your run and track it with an app of your choosing. The medals are sent so they arrive the same day as the race. Once you run, post a screenshot of your route and a cute pose of you and your medal and bask in the glory of a job well done! 🙂

      The medals being a reason to do these is absolutely not lame! That’s about 80% of the reason I do them.

      • I signed up for the Baker Street run and I’m so excited!

  • but it is totally rad that they have geeky runs! If that was more common around here I would consider running again!

  • Those have to be the coolest medals ever! Wish they did something like that near me.

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