Funko Friday: Once Upon A Funko


Funko Friday was started by Pepi and Kimi as a way to showcase your Funko collection once a week. I’ve been slowly developing a large collection of these adorable figures so I was all in for this game!

The first topic is Once Upon a Funk, a story of your very first Funko purchase.

The first Pop I ever bought was Ariel. I remember very specifically standing in Barnes and Noble staring at all the cute figurines and trying to choose between Ariel and Superman. Ariel had a glittery tail, but superman had adorable curl on his forehead. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, glitter won out.

Funko Friday - Ariel

She is surprisingly the only Disney Funko I own. She currently resides on my Princess Diaries books. All of my other princess figurines reside on that same shelf with all my Meg Cabot books.

What was the first Funko you ever owned?

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  • Danielle @ From Girlie to Nerdy

    Ariel is so cute – glitter definitely always wins 🙂

  • I agree with Danielle, glitter always wins! Lolz! And Ariel really is quite precious! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Right?!?! Ariel has always been my favorite, so it seems right that she was my first Funko.

      • I always liked Ariel because she had Prince “Eric” and my ex is named Eric, so I was a little biased in her favor. LOLZ!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • B

    She’s cute! I want to say my first was a Captain America I bought randomly!

    • I’m pretty sure Cap was pretty close to the beginning of my collection. He’s still one of my favorites.

  • Glitter is definitely the right choice. 😀 She is so cute! I don’t own any Disney ones yet, but I really want any Rapunzel ones they have. I love Tangled!

    • I would love to have a Flynn Funko. I also really want Ariel in her blue dress. I really need to get more Disney ones.

  • Glitter forever! I surprisingly have no Disney Princesses in my collection. Ya know, the more Funko Friday blogs I read today, the more I realize how obsessed I am, and yet my collection is missing a LOT of Funko that I want/NEED. 😀

    • That is the problem with collecting these… just when you thought you reached where you are going to stop they announce more for you to collect. It’s a never ending yet amazing cycle! 😀

  • I never noticed her tail was glittery! Now I want her even more.

    • Glitter does that! It always wins in my book!

  • Glitter always wins <3 I love her! And I don't have her yet. Your post reminded me about…. buying her 😉

  • Ariel is lovely! The Hipster Ariel Pop I’ve been seeing around is adorable too!

  • She’s adorable. I only have Belle and Beast from the Disney lines, but I definitely “need” some of The Lion King ones, too. 😉

  • I love that Cap was mentioned because I think I’m going to buy Cap and Bucky Funkos soon. My first Funko was Wall-E! I just got Sadness from Inside Out, too!